“If we and our neighbors plant native trees, bushes and plants throughout our properties, we can create corridors behind and around houses that connect natural places.”

Douglas Tallamy

If you are exploring the use of Minnesota natives in your yard for the first time, or if you have known the importance of planting natives for a number of years, this website will provide you with links to nurseries, landscapers, organizations, informational resources and authors who are dedicated to restoring critical habitat in Minnesota.  Native plants, trees and bushes are not only beautiful and low-maintenance, they provide a critical source of food and shelter to the creatures with whom they share an evolutionary history.  In most instances, plantings from other eco-systems do not provide local birds, butterflies and bees with what they need to survive.  As natural habitat is lost to development, it is even more important for us to use native plantings in our yards.  There are so many ways to make a difference.  I hope this website is a helpful way to get you started and involved.

Beth Brombach 

                                                                                                                                                                                                Featured photo courtesy of  allthedirtongardening.com