Native Plant Information


Plant Information

         Pollinators of Native Plants ~ PDF files under plant lists & posters. Best pollinator plants

Wild Ones 

Blue Thumb

Prairie Moon Nursery

Minnesota Wildflowers

Landscaping with Native Plants, (DNR)

Note: Several of the growers in the nursery section of this website, have detailed  native plant lists on their sites with pictures and specifications

Planting For Pollinators

Note: Please Do Not Use Chemicals On Your Lawn Or Garden. 

They Can Harm The Creatures You Are Trying To Protect

MN Dept of Agriculture Best Practices for Yards and Gardens

The Xerces Society

Pollinator Friendly Alliance

University of Minnesota Bee Lab

Wild Ones~Increase Vegetable Yields by Going Native

Natural Resources Conservation Services

USDA Forest Service

Planting For Birds

St. Paul Audubon Society ~ Go Native Guide

Migratory Bird Program

Buckthorn: What You Should Know. What You Can Do ~

Note: treating the stumps is controversial.

Digging them up or grinding them is preferable. Herbicides can be harmful for pollinators.


    Pollinators of Native Plants ~ Heather Holm ~ Includes detailed guides of sample gardens

The Midwestern Native Garden ~ Charlotte Adelman

Attracting Native Pollinators ~ The Xerces Society

Landscaping with Native Plants of Minnesota ~ Lynn Steiner

Befriending Bumble Bees ~ Elaine Evans, Ian Burns, Marla Spivak

 Beautifully Sustainable ~ Douglas Owens-Pike

Birdscaping in the Midwest: A Guide to Gardening with Native Plants to Attract Birds
~ Mariette Nowak

The Backyard Bird- Lovers Guide ~ Jan Mahnken

Monarchs in a Changing World ~ Karen Oberhauser

Moths & Caterpillars of the North Woods ~ Jim Sogaard

A Lawn Chair Gardener’s Guide to a Balanced Life ~ Dawn Pape

Midwestern Birds: Backyard Guide ~ Bill Thompson

Landscaping for Wildlife ~ Carrol Henderson

Native Plants of the Midwest ~ Alan Branhagen

Bringing Nature Home ~ Douglas Tallamy


Featured photo courtesy of Heather Holm